Acupuncture is just the beginning

My aim is to help you to achieve peak health and vitality. It is my aim to go above and beyond; to ensure you always feel better leaving the clinic than when you came in.

Combining Acupuncture, sports massage, Trauma Release Exercises, Tai Chi, Gi gong, Meditation, Conscious Breathing Exercises and nutrition I bring a huge level of expertise and passion to assisting you with your health.

Mic has a calming approach in his therapy he has to offer.
Always cares for your wellbeing and soothes and reliefs my pain after each treatment. The best part of Mic’s treatment is that he always checks to see if all going well and feeling ok during the treatment.
I highly recommend Mic’s therapy.

Mick from Solas Wellbeing is absolutely amazing! He knows what he’s doing and his treatments are 100% effective. I get treatments for neck issues but recently I injured my back and after 2 treatments and following his advice, I felt back to normal within a week.
I highly recommend Mick! You will not regret it!