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What causes sciatica?

Stress cannot be ruled out as a factor in sciatica and acupuncture can be effective in treating the symptoms and effects of stress. In many cases some form of misalignment of the Sacro Iliac Joint in addition to tension in the ilio-psoas, glutes and most often the piriformis muscle contribute to sciatica.

The sciatic nerve travels through the Sacro-iliac joint, under the piriformis muscles and down the outside of the leg to the foot. When the muscle is very tight it can impinge upon the nerve and cause pain, numbness, burning etc.

How do we treat it:

The combination of acupuncture, cupping and massage is often very effective in the treatment of sciatica and Sacro-iliac joint pain. Trigger point massage is effective in releasing tension in the local muscles, cupping draws stagnation in the local area which causes pain and acupuncture helps to tonify move energy more effectively.


How many treatments does it take:

The number of treatments required varies from patient to patient, however, in most cases the patient should notice some improvement in symptoms from the very first visit.