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It’s becoming increasingly clear that a comprehensive employee wellbeing programme is essential in every workplace. Not only do an increasing number of prospective candidates look at the perks and culture of wellness when choosing where to work but there are massive financial benefits for employers. Conservative estimates state that for every $1 spent on employee wellbeing there is a $3 return on investment. This is purely based on a reduction in absenteeism and doesn’t include increased productivity, creativity and focus that comes with having access to a quality wellness programme.

Post 9-11 many New York based companies conducted evaluations of employee wellness. Employees who reported that they continued to feel the effects of trauma were advised to seek professional help to cope with it. When interviewed afterwards the employees said that they were grateful that they were asked how they were doing but felt disappointed that they were advised to seek external support. Rather than their employers taking an active role in employee wellbeing it was clear that their health and wellness was their own responsibility.

Where workplace stress contributes to negative effects on employee wellbeing it is imperative that the employer takes an active role in managing stress and supporting their employees health and wellness on a mental, emotional and physical level. Companies at the forefront of the employee wellness revolution, e.g Google and Apple, understand that the more fulfilled and happy employees are the more creative and productive they can be. In fact, studies indicate that employees who feel that their employer has got their back, so to speak, are more inclined to show greater loyalty, measurably increased productivity and critical thinking ability. A workplace is a community, the more supportive that community is, the happier and more productive its members are.

Wellbeing Workshops

I have a range of workshops and presentations  designed to facilitate wellbeing and create a shift in awareness of how simple and achievable changes in behaviour can create huge shifts towards mental, emotional and physical wellness.

the following are available as 1 and 2 hours talks or 1/2 and full day workshops.

  • Trauma Release Exercises

1/2 and full day workshop introducing the concepts of TRE and practical demonstration and participation of this amazing technique for release stress and enhancing wellbeing.


  • The neuroscience of meditation

The neurological and physiological benefits of meditation can include a practical skills workshop

  • Simple mindfulness meditation

an experiential presentation and workshop designed to harness the scientifically proven benefits of mindfulness meditation for health and wellness

  • Stress management

Shifting awareness on what stress is and how we can use it to enhance our health. Stress is only a problem when there is no reprieve. Stress, in actual fact, is essential to our growth and development. This workshop incorporates elements of TRE, meditation, movement and breathing to help us manage stress and use it to increase our potential.


1 hour: $200

2 hour: $350

1/2 day: $500

full day: $800